Superheroes dedicated
to fighting risk.

Saving the day. Every day.

Our Field Risk Specialists (FRS) are industry experts who accomplish monumental workflow each day. As DataScan Associates, our FRS are employed and trained by DataScan using our time-tested best-practices approach.

A deeper dive into the FRS role

Our FRS team comprises of more than 400 professionals across the U.S. and Canada who are dedicated to conducting audits on our Clients’ behalf. These Clients are the banks and captive finance companies that provide floorplan (i.e., inventory) loans to dealerships. Each FRS goes through an extensive best-practices training program to become experts in our proprietary application and audit process. We consider them superheroes that brave the elements to identify and fight risk every day.

Don’t take our word for it - see what a Field Risk Specialist has to say!

“I have so many reasons why I love DataScan…The core values of the company should be everyone’s values in life. Along with applying the Golden Rule.”

– Krystal Rodriguez

“Work hard, play hard” mentality?

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