2024 DataScan User Conference

DataScan is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated 2024 User Conference, taking place from April 23rd to 25th at the vibrant Hard Rock San Diego.

Providing Clarity Managing Risk

Invested in providing lenders solutions for wholesale asset financing and inventory risk management. Our innovative technology and skilled team have the expertise to assist our Clients in propelling their business forward.

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We value our role and responsibility as the leader in providing lenders with wholesale asset financing and inventory risk management solutions. We are passionate about delivering value for our Clients while creating a positive impact through our community outreach and sustainability efforts.

DataScan believes that our Associates are the heart and soul of our company and the driving force behind our success.

“GM Financial selected DataScan’s floorplan system and audit services when it launched its commercial business in 2012. DataScan has been an excellent partner since then, allowing us to grow our business from start-up to hundreds of dealers in a very short time. Their solutions are robust, flexible, and scalable – and their audit services team is very responsive to the needs of our fast-growth environment.”

Brian Fallon, GM Financial

Technology proud.

Audit Intelligence

Audit Intelligence (Ai) is our state-of-the-art inventory risk management solution that helps our Clients manage their floorplan audits and inventory risk with precision and accuracy. Whether they partner with our professional field services team or choose to conduct audits on their own, our Ai solution provides the technology platform that enables our Clients to easily manage their collateral risk for all of their dealer relationships.

Wholesale Intelligence

Wholesale Intelligence (Wi) is a loan accounting and portfolio management solution that provides wholesale lenders with the ability to manage their loans to their dealer and manufacturer partners. User-configurable and rules-driven, Wi enables increased visibility, protection, and control throughout the wholesale lending life cycle.

More than just a technology provider.

The pillars we stand for – trust, expertise, and partnership – shape our approach to agile, forward-thinking services. Inspired by our in-depth industry experience, our Associates actively leverage our resources to drive innovation for our Cients.

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