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Simplifying the complexities of Managing Risk

Audit Intelligence (Ai) is our state-of-the-art inventory risk management solution that helps our Clients manage their floorplan audits and inventory risk with precision and accuracy.

Some Clients choose to outsource their inventory audit function to our highly skilled Associates or license our technology for internal audit capabilities, while some enlist a hybrid approach. In either case, DataScan has the answer. Our solutions are designed to meet your guidelines, ensuring every step of the process helps you identify and manage risks.

Technology Proud

Ai Mobile is our intuitive mobile application used to collect audit information. It enforces accurate and consistent audit results by leveraging Client-specific business rules to drive the audit process. Detailed status and location data are recorded throughout the audit and are used by Ai’s risk engine to evaluate quality, risk and compliance. Upon completion of an audit, the results are available online so the audit resolution process can begin.

Ai’s functionality allows the Client to view audit schedules, check audit status, review violations and exceptions, close audits, and generate reports. Our audit resolution module serves as a clearinghouse to reconcile open inventory and assess dealer risk levels. 

What’s more, Ai is tightly integrated with our Wholesale Intelligence Solution, Wi.

Our real-life superheroes!

We provide professional audit services for more than 45 of the top financial institutions across the U.S. and Canada. Our North American Field Risk Specialists (FRS) are company-employed Associates, that are fully trained to help our Clients manage risk on the frontline. We like to think of them as superheroes who fight risk and provide expert insight on behalf of our Clients.

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