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Audit Intelligence Services and cutting-edge technology supported by more than 45 of the top financial institutions across North America.

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Audit Intelligence brings simplicity and transparency to risk management.

Nobody gets excited about completing an audit, but with DataScan’s Audit Intelligence (Ai), a state-of-the-art inventory risk management solution, you’ll notice how easy it is. It’s a solution that equips your organization to manage your floorplan audits and inventory risk with precision and accuracy. So you can get back to what you are excited to do.

Our Ai service is your game-changer for risk reduction. Designed to provide financial institutions with the clarity you need to make smart decisions, this solution goes beyond traditional audit processes to provide the flexibility to quickly and securely perform asset verification.

You will be empowered to review asset verification swiftly and with confidence. Whether you’re looking to outsource your inventory audit function, leverage our technology for internal audit capabilities or opt for a hybrid approach, DataScan has the perfect solution for you.

Audit innovation

The Ai Mobile Application

Ai Mobile is our cutting-edge mobile application built to transform the way you conduct floorplan audits. It’s more than an app; it’s your key to accurate and consistent audit results. Audit innovation through Ai Mobile empowers you to enforce client-specific business rules, driving your audit process to perfection. Now you can use DataScan on the go…Awesome right?

Detailed status information recorded across every audit

Detailed status information recorded across every audit

Comprehensive reporting helps you “audit the audit”

Comprehensive reporting helps you “audit the audit”


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Interested in learning about innovative solutions designed specifically for dealer commercial lenders? Learn more about DataScan’s end-to-end solutions for automotive, equipment, and recreational finance organizations.

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