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Wholesale Intelligence

Wi is a loan accounting and portfolio management solution that provides wholesale lenders with the ability to manage their loans to their dealer and manufacturer partners. User-configurable and rules-driven, Wi enables increased visibility, protection, and control throughout the wholesale lending life cycle.

Audit Intelligence

Audit Intelligence is our state-of-the-art inventory risk management solution that helps our Clients manage their Floorplan loans with precision and accuracy. Whether they partner with our Field Risk Specialist team, utilizing real-time audit technology, or choose to conduct audits on their own, our Ai solution provides the technology platform that enables our Clients to easily manage their collateral for all of their dealer relationships.


DataCision is a purpose-built credit underwriting platform designed specifically for the floorplan lending industry.
Our goal was to create a solution that consolidates multiple data inputs required for credit management, allowing fast, efficient, and accurate decisions. Wholesale financing is a highly complex lending type, and DataCision helps lenders be more efficient by providing a unique tool for the analysis and completion of credit reviews.


uVerifi offers a powerful and innovative technology-driven audit solution offering both accuracy and flexibility. With the help of our AI-driven solution and mobile technology, you can securely authenticate any number of assets in no time.

“Our partners at DataScan are a crucial part of our success – the dedicated field team provides detailed and efficient inventory analysis, providing timely, relevant and accurate information for us and our dealers.”

Matt Darnell, Volkswagen Credit

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