TechDriven: Cloud Migration with Michael Knight

Author: Lisa Mallean
Feb 15, 2023
TechDriven: Cloud Migration with Michael Knight
This installment features an interview with Michael Knight, Vice President of Technology at DataScan. You’ll hear the details of DataScan’s AWS cloud journey—including the time it took to make the transition, how the team overcame obstacles, and the advantages gained from the migration. Michael will also provide an overview of his upcoming Hive session, where he plans to discuss technical modernization initiatives here at DataScan.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in learning the how and why of DataScan’s cloud journey and a sneak-peak at our upcoming technical modernization Hive session.
DataScan Launches uVerifi, a Revolutionary Digital Auditing Tool Apr 06, 2023

DataScan, the leader in providing solutions for wholesale asset financing and inventory risk management, has partnered with CheckVentory, an innovative software-as-a-service provider, to bring uVerifi, a game-changing digital auditing tool, to the US and Canadian markets. With an exclusive agreement for North America, DataScan will be the go-to provider of

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