A Value Proposition: Security Open House

Author: Angel De La Cruz
Dec 06, 2019

The Security Open house provides a vehicle for our Clients to get the most comprehensive picture of who is DataScan and how we do what we do. It also provides us with the optimal venue to share transparency about how we protect and store our Client’s data. Most of the information our Clients need to satisfy compliance obligations is universally applicable, but there’s even room for them to have breakout sessions to ask for specific evidence if needed. The holistic approach taken in this type of forum serves both DataScan and our Clients, as it allows us to gather all the subject matter experts in one place for a focused window, that shortens and simplifies the compliance audit process for all parties involved.

DataScan Launches uVerifi, a Revolutionary Digital Auditing Tool Apr 06, 2023

DataScan, the leader in providing solutions for wholesale asset financing and inventory risk management, has partnered with CheckVentory, an innovative software-as-a-service provider, to bring uVerifi, a game-changing digital auditing tool, to the US and Canadian markets. With an exclusive agreement for North America, DataScan will be the go-to provider of

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