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History in the making.

DataScan was founded in 1989 and today we are the leader in providing lenders with solutions for wholesale asset financing and inventory risk management. Clients rely on our industry knowledge and expert team to successfully manage their business and reduce risk. Built upon a foundation of knowledge sharing, responsiveness, and commitment to growth underpin each Client relationship and fuels a shared passion for innovation and proactive problem-solving.

DataScan believes that our Associates are the heart and soul of our company and the driving force behind our success.

Our Partners

DataScan’s thoughtful and strategic approach to the companies we choose to partner with ensures each Client receives best-in-class solutions. This empowers our imperative that only the best will do.

Our Associates

Each DataScan Associate is hand-selected to become a vital part of our team. Skills can be learned or acquired, but staying true to company culture is paramount. Therefore, hiring for the right fit is essential to our success.

Our Culture

We work hard to sustain a culture that inspires and rewards innovation. We take our work seriously but seriously know how to have fun.We embrace our differences and celebrate diversity.

Our Industry

We are the leaders in the Wholesale Asset Financing and Inventory Risk Management industry. We get it, Wholesale Asset Financing and Inventory Risk Management sound complicated. Let us break it down.

Say hello to our little friend – aka the meatball.

Our logo icon referred to around here as “the meatball,” is more than a symbol that conjures up hunger pangs; it represents unity. The dots come together and bring into focus a reinforced concept of “clarity.” Our color palette relates to the diversity of people and their functionality within our company, as well as our passion and energy. The linear shape implies the motion of our organization, always progressing toward the future.

"DataScan is a pleasure to work with. The organization is professional, focused on our needs, and is always striving to improve their product. Their Wholesale Intelligence (floorplan) system is accurate and reliable with virtually no downtime. We transitioned to their Audit Intelligence system a few years ago which provides us with an abundance of audit detail, and allows us to review, follow up, resolve and close audits paperlessly. Their auditors and operations staff are well trained and are good at accommodating our scheduling needs, and audits are performed in a timely manner with minimal disruption."

Ken Preston, Southeast Toyota Finance

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