TechDriven: Election Teaser with Jeff Bush

Author: Lisa Mallean
Aug 05, 2020
TechDriven: Election Teaser

Jeff is a good friend of DataScan and has been a political speaker for us during past events. With the pending presidential election looming ahead, we thought there is no better time to get Jeff’s take on the political climate, specifically how it relates to our industry. Check out the teaser to our thought-provoking interview with Jeff.

DataScan Launches uVerifi, a Revolutionary Digital Auditing Tool Apr 06, 2023

DataScan, the leader in providing solutions for wholesale asset financing and inventory risk management, has partnered with CheckVentory, an innovative software-as-a-service provider, to bring uVerifi, a game-changing digital auditing tool, to the US and Canadian markets. With an exclusive agreement for North America, DataScan will be the go-to provider of

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