Illuminating our
industry with clarity.

We said we provide clarity.
Let’s start with defining our industry.

Our Clients and our Clients' Clients

Did we use Client three times in a single sentence? Yes, but let us explain. DataScan serves lenders who are our direct Clients as well as our Clients’ Clients, their borrowers. Our Clients range from independent and captive finance companies to regional and national banks. Our Clients lend money to dealerships and distributors to purchase collateral. Collateral can range from automotive and commercial trucks to agricultural equipment, lawn and garden, construction equipment, motorcycles, ATVs, and home electronics and appliances. We design technology and audit solutions for our Clients to help them manage their business and reduce risk. More of a visual learner? See our handy infographic.

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Our Associates

Each DataScan Associate is hand-selected to become a vital part of our team. Skills can be learned or acquired, but staying true to company culture is paramount. Therefore, hiring for the right fit is essential to our success.

Our Culture

We work hard to sustain a culture that inspires and rewards innovation. We take our work seriously but seriously know how to have fun.

Our Industry

We are the leaders in the Wholesale Finance and Inventory Risk Management industry. We get it, Wholesale Finance & Inventory Risk Management sound complicated. Let us break it down.

We help manage risk while
increasing productivity and profits.

We work tirelessly to provide Clients with the tools, service, and
strategies to help propel their business to the next level.